A Letter to Lee Forester

Dear Lee">

A Letter to Lee Forester

Dear Lee,

I arrived In-Country 4-68 and left 5-69. I had 2nd platoon D Co. for about 6 months. I also had a secondary MOS of CIVIL AFFAIRS and therefore became CIVIC AFFAIRS Officer for Battalion until I left. I also had the reaction platoon.

I arrived a green 2nd Lt. and hopefully grew. I will always count my time in the Corps as invaluable in many respects. I only regret that I didn't keep all the names, only the faces. It was an honor for me to lead people such as yourself [Lee Forester, John Thomas et al].

The ambush team you were part of that night was led by someone else. I led a 10-man patrol to the bank across from the Island to the West of the Bridge and had contact there. They were crossing to HOA VANG side with ropes strung across the river, and maybe some boats.

I will never forget that night.

Lt. Mike Kelly was in the C.P. that night and was acting Co. Commander because Lt. Tennant was on R & R. I saw Kelly at Camp Pendleton later but lost contact . I think he was from Virginia.

Stay in touch,

Semper Fi,

Steve DeLair