Administrator Page

This page contains contact information for all the Administrators of this Project. 
From here you can send e-mail to ROBERT TRACY, the webmaster, and Graphic Artist, for this PROJECT. 

* ( Copias Sustinimus: Latin, "Great Endurance". )

The following are the founding brothers of this site.
Sadly, two have passed away.

Thomas Sr., John W.

The Squad Leader for this Web Site

Realtor/ Insurance Agent/ Entrepreneur.
   674 Riestertown Rd. 
Baltimore, Md 21208

John W. Thomas Sr. died in 2002.  I'm sure he would
want a new squad leader in his place.

Shepard, Sekou

Commanding Officer of this site

100% Service-Connected

Tracy, Robert

Executive Officer/Webmaster for this Web Site

Professional Artist

Poliszczuk,  Jerry

Unit Historian/Tail end Charlie and Coordinator/Liaison
for all Companies for this Web Site

Systems Administrator for an Insurance Company
9206 South 55th Court
Oak Lawn, Il 60453

Jerry Poliszczuk died in 2008.
See his site FLC Red Beach, built by Robert Tracy
FLC Red Beach might be of some interest.

Email Shepard and Tracy.